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Nicaragua, located in the heart of Central America, fully deserves its descriptive name as ‘The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes’. As the largest Central American country, visitors may enjoy an array of experiences which include spectacular crater lakes and a chain of 13 beautiful volcanoes, some of which are still active. Natures biodiversity is amongst the highest in the world, full of exotic birds, monkeys and sloths that range through tropical vegetation found in both the highland and lowland rainforests. There are some excellent coral reefs ideal for snorkelling or diving, and the coastline is a very important breeding site for turtles. Two of Nicaragua’s principal towns, Granada and León, were once Spanish settlements and are now must-see colonial cities with stunning historical architecture and old-world attractions. Enjoy the country markets packed with handicrafts, which reflects the mixed Ibero-European and Indian ancestry of the majority of its very friendly people. Perhaps finish off by your visit relaxing on the sandy beaches of either the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, where you can discover deserted beaches, dive untouched reefs or relax at your Eco-lodge. Come discover and delight at Nicaragua’s natural and cultural wonders, far from the crowds of mainstream tourism – you will not be disappointed.

Discover the old and new city, including the old presidential palace, Park of Peace and Lake Managua which borders the city.

Walk the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site and a city of beautiful churches, incredible art and pretty streets.

Cerro Negro
Make the effort and climb Cerro Negro, the youngest volcano in Central America – you will be rewarded with fantastic views from the summit!

Take your time wondering the picturesque cobbled streets of Granada, strolling between galleries, churches and restaurants.

San Juan Del Sur
Learn about the flora and fauna in San Juan Del Sur nature reserve at the base of Mombacha Volcano.


The best time to visit Nicaragua is between November to April which are the hot but drier months. The rainy season is between June to November (or from May nearer the Pacific) and will see fewer travellers visit during this time.

Currency Nicaraguan Córdoba (C) with most establishments accepting USD.

Language The official language is Spanish with English also spoken.

Why we love it  A small diverse destination which offers fantastic value for money along with a variety of landscapes, colonial architecture, stunning beaches, pretty islands, pristine rain forests and active volcanoes.

Social customs & quirks Punctuality is very rare in Nicaragua and it is not uncommon to show up half and hour late (generally public transport runs to a schedule but do not panic if it is late!)  In most areas of the country, the locals are used to seeing tourists and are not shy about asking questions about your age, if you are married and your thoughts about their country. .

Festivals & events Many religious events and  celebrations take place throughout the country year round. Each community’s annual festival is based on the local saint’s birthday with the party extending to days or weeks and guaranteed to be filled with colour, music and dance!  

Health* Currently no compulsory health requirements to visit Nicaragua.

Notes *Please be aware that Health information is subject to change at any time and you should always double check these requirements at the time of booking and before travel.

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