At World Journeys our mission is simple – we design journeys that we, as travellers, would undertake ourselves. In our youth, we travelled the world on a budget, arriving into cities late at night with nothing pre-arranged, battling through bureaucracy and language barriers to prove we could do it on our own. In later years we found, like many, that we had less time to travel, let alone the luxury of having time to plan our travel.

That’s what inspires World Journeys today. We plan journeys so you don’t have to. Itineraries are crafted on our personal knowledge and experience. We are travel aficionados–we have worked in the industry for over 30 years and we still travel regularly to be able to bring new and exciting opportunities to the market. We won’t stop travelling – not only is it our passion, it is our job to provide the very best level of service and knowledge. In fact, we generally won’t sell a destination unless someone from our team has been there.

Our Styles of Travel

Tailor-made Journeys

We have journeys to some of the most exciting, fascinating and exotic places on earth. They are our personal suggestions of what to do, what to see and where to stay. We know travellers value flexibility so we generally have no set departure dates and itineraries are not regimented. We offer professional planning and expert knowledge, working with you to create your dream trip. Our backup services take the stress out of travel; if your flight is delayed or transport doesn’t show, we’ll sort out the arrangements. You will also receive beautifully prepared documents which are a wonderful memento of your travel.

Hosted Journeys

Enjoy unique and inspiring small group travel to some of the most fascinating places on earth. We’ve added emerging ‘hot’ favourites such as Madagascar, Japan and Sri Lanka to the mix. Repeat journeys are Grand Tour of South America, Best of Southern Africa, Best of the Med’,  and Cuba. These journeys are guaranteed to go with a maximum group size of 18 and with a World Journeys host to smooth the way.


World Journeys was founded back in 2007 to meet the demand for specialist skills in tailor-made travel. Our founding Directors have decades of travel experience under their belts, and work hands-on, answering the phones and creating itineraries, alongside our experienced and passionate team of Travel Designers.


Over the years we’ve found a few charitable organisations to support their quest to minimise humankind’s impact on the environment, and bring relief to those in need. Join us in aiding these noble organisations to keep our world beautiful and prosperous so that future generations can enjoy inspiring journeys of their own.


World Journeys believes in designing the most inspiring travel experiences for our clients. Our team of professionals work for a company with a strong emphasis on providing exemplary customer service with passion. The company has a focused team approach to all aspects of its operation and a strong belief in sustainable tourism.