The trip went extremely well and we were looked after very well the whole trip. Absolutely nothing went wrong – which is amazing given the amount of travelling we did. We loved every minute – met some great people and really enjoyed our time.

Ecuador was a great country to travel in and not too expensive. Villa Colonna was excellent and Rudi and Rico very kind. Rudi said that they were looking at selling and moving to Sacramento Ca. next year at one point, but didn’t mention it the next time we went back so may be he has changed his mind. Both the Galapagos and the Andes were wonderful.

Peru was fascinating – though a bit dearer. Macchu Pichu was astounding as were many of the other ruins we saw.

Bolivia was surprisingly good – some day would like to take more of a look there.

So all in all it was fantastic – and we are very grateful to you for your choices and organisational efforts – it was utterly stress free…. and given how exhausted I was when we left that was wonderful.

Many thanks from us to you and your team.