The trip to Japan was a fantastic experience. We all enjoyed it. The Hotel Andaz is a luxury Hyatt and is one of the best Hotels we have ever stayed at. While it might be expensive , it delivered excellence. We were very happy there.

The company organising our travel within Japan were also excellent. The guide for the trip to Mt Fuji was very good and spoke excellent English. She was also 100% flexible – the day we went was very wet, so we abbreviated the trip to Mt Fuji and had a look at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. She also took us to the things we were interested in at Mt Fuji (flower garden and a specialty restaurant). She did not make us go an on a long boat trip in the rain.

The transfers from the airport and to the train station also went flawlessly. The train tickets and instruction were very clear.

We went to Miyajima Island and the A Bomb peace park – both highlights of the trip.

Generally Japan is a hard place to travel for a westerner. Taxis, instructions to taxi drivers, and train stations are all difficult. We are pleased we had transfers organised. Takes all the stress out of travelling.