Then Costa Rica, what an amazing place! Loved the first two nights in Tuertoguero. Very quaint, with is Gaudi aspect, and the baby turtles running into the ocean in the evening. Guanas walking on the paths, and the fact that there are no roads in, just waterways. The next two nights were also very interesting at Arenal. We did the lava walk around the mountain. And of course the evening to the springs was amazing. Can I suggest that personally we would have liked to have been there a little earlier in the afternoon, as it got dark quite quickly, and we would have even enjoyed it better with a bit more daylight to meander around all the pools. But what a great choice! Then our next stop was Monteverde, the road to Monteverde from Lake Arenal, is absolutely disgusting, 2 hours of dodging potholes and ruts on a dirt road was not too much fun!!! Monteverde and the hotel in Monteverde were disappointing, maybe we didn’t strike the weather very well. The rooms we stayed in were permanently in the clouds while we were there, and the fact that the place is that large, we had to be picked up from our room, every time you want to make a move, is not that pleasant. But having seen the town of Monteverde, maybe there is no other hotel suitable… But our tour to the coffee, sugar and cocoa plantation was excellent. And your representatives in Costa Rica were just wonderful, every time again they turned up on time!! Some of their drivers though were a bit hairy, especially on the sealed country roads, their main aim seemed to be crossing the yellow centre line as many time times as they could on the windy roads, but hey we are here to tell the tale!! In contrast the drivers on the dirt roads were slow and careful drivers, but probably only because that was all they could do!! But thank you World Journeys for another great experience.