World Journeys Hosted Travel

Group travel offers a chance to share the trip of a lifetime. Travel is about much more than just ticking off the sights on the well-trodden tourist trail. It’s about experiencing new cultures, savoring local cuisine, hearing new melodies and meeting fascinating people. An incredible world is out there to be explored, and World Journeys has put together a range of hosted tours with that in mind.

Travelling to some of the world’s most exciting, challenging and exotic countries is all the more achievable in a small group of like-minded people . People love the conviviality of group travel; there’s company if desired, but also time to explore alone. Every person brings something to the mix.

With a maximum group size of 18, all tours are guaranteed to depart, so travellers can book with confidence. If you have travelled on one of our journeys before, we would like to welcome you back with an additional saving of $400 per couple (or $200 per person). Your world awaits…

World Journeys Hosts

Our passionate, experienced hosts add to the “personality” of our small group journeys. We select them because they are real ‘people people’, often with a particular passion for the history, cuisine, arts and culture of the destination. The host will make sure everything runs smoothly, working with local guides who delight in sharing their in-depth knowledge with visitors. Your host will also take care of tipping on the group’s behalf to ensure a hassle free journey.


Travel Hosts - Russell Hoban

Russell Hoban

Hola! I am delighted to introduce myself as a World Journeys host. I have enjoyed many years of experience in various roles in tourism and have a passion for travel. I have been fortunate enough to host trips throughout Europe, Africa, Canada, Asia, the Americas, Japan, Cuba, Australia and New Zealand. Remaining open to new experiences is a core element of who I am. In line with that, I have a Masters degree from the University of Auckland and I’m currently pursuing a PhD as a mature working student (I’m more of a turtle learner then a hare I might add). Personally, travel offers me a privileged opportunity to encounter and engage with many peoples and cultures, and to become a better person by doing so. I am very much looking forward to meeting and travelling with you all.


Travel Hosts - April Leremia

April Ieremia

I am a former Silver Fern and television broadcaster, but travel has always been my passion. To feel the natural beauty of this world, taste each colourful culture, and touch the ancient wonders of the earth is often a mind-blowing journey. Sport, work and World Journeys have enabled me to see so much of the planet, from Canada through to Chile, Stockholm down to Cape Town, and Thailand across to Cuba. I hosted my first tour in 2010 to the Baltic’s and have never looked back, appreciating each destination for its own uniqueness with child-like awe. As a tour host, my goal is to encourage you to do the same. Whether it be a sea cruise or land tour, creating a relaxing, fun and family-like environment is key and it’s often effortless given the friendly and curious nature of most Kiwis. We are your home away from home. I always encourage each group to set their travel bug free, because there is so much to see, and if you have to spend the children’s inheritance to do it then so be it because you deserve it!


Travel Hosts - Peter Gibbs

Peter Gibbs

I’m a ‘restless soul’ who just loves the opportunity to travel and show others some of the most exciting and scenic parts of the world. In the 70’s, I led overland tours from London all the way to Kathmandu before owning and operating a travel company in Parnell. I have travelled to over 70 countries, and hosted tour groups for World Journeys to Latin America, Antarctica, Nepal, Alaska, Western Canada and many other global destinations. In 2018, I escorted the World Journeys Cherry Blossom Japan tour and the blossoms in full bloom were simply spectacular. This year I also had the privilege of hosting the Castro’s Cuba journey – an incredible destination full of quirky history and 60,000 classic American cars. Next year I am looking forward to returning to Africa to host the East African Safari. Why not join me and experience this unique location for yourself? It comes with the chance of witnessing the Great Migration – our world’s greatest wildlife spectacle!


Travel Hosts - Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons

I have spent more than four decades developing unique travel experiences for New Zealanders. As well as being a founding director of World Journeys, I have hosted groups all over the world, including a small group journey along the ancient Silk Road and a tour throughout Latin America. I have also taken groups to all regions of Africa, from Morocco and Egypt in the north to Kenya and Tanzania in the east, amazing Ghana in the west and of course to South Africa. More recently I have been captivated by the charms of the Emerald Isle aboard Belmond Grand Hibernian, visited Japan, and hosted a journey through the incredible land of Ethiopia. I love to travel and have others share that experience with me. Perhaps the best way to sum things up is the saying “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.


Travel Hosts - Denise Ritchie

Denise Ritchie

Experiencing the tapestry of peoples and cultures from around the world is, I believe, one of life’s most enriching quests. I’ve been privileged to have travelled to over 80 countries and delighted to have hosted World Journeys’ groups to the Mediterranean, southern Africa and Cuba. I spent many years working in the travel industry prior to entering the legal profession and becoming actively involved in humanitarian work, most recently with victims of the Boko Haram insurgency in north-east Nigeria. As a World Journeys host, I love connecting with fellow adventurers with a shared zest for life. As well as overseeing the smooth running of your trip, I will enjoy finding ways to create those extra special memories.


Travel Hosts - Kate Couling

Kate Couling

As a founding director of World Journeys, I am a quietly passionate traveller myself! I’ve explored the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain and Germany by motorbike, lived long enough in the Middle East to learn the language and enjoyed some exciting adventures in Africa, India, Indochina, Canada and parts of South America. Travelling with me might mean getting lost in Khan el Khalili bazaar, listening to veterans recite the Ode of Remembrance at Sfax War Cemetery, tasting limoncello in Tuscany, playing foosball (table football) with child monks in Bhutan, or scouting for antiques in Venice. Wherever we are, there are people to meet, food to experience and places to discover. Let’s go!


Travel Hosts - Sue Watson

Sue Watson

I was born with the passion to see what is over the other side of the hill – this curiosity has never left me. My travels started at a young age, leading me to a role as a travel consultant and then eventually to owning my own travel business. During this time, I put together and hosted tours focusing on Africa, Central and South America, along with Canada, India and Asia. Some of my most prized travel experiences have been with my escorted tour groups, which have been the most rewarding part of my travel career. I have expanded my hosting experiences since working with World Journeys to include Russia, the Ukraine and Europe. Apart from travel, my other passions are food (eating not cooking!), walking, reading and photography. Currently, I own and manage a resort. Working on the other side of the desk has given me great insight into a whole different aspect of the travel industry. I look forward to meeting and sharing many wonderful travel experiences with you.


Travel Hosts - Julie Salt

Julie Salt

I love the thrill and challenges that travel to new and different countries brings. I have lived in France, Switzerland, the UK and USA and travelled to many continents in my ten years as a World Journeys host. When I was younger, I studied art history, history and science, and have a deep love of the ocean, especially swimming in it for long distances and diving or snorkelling. I am a fully trained and highly experienced nurse who likes nothing more than spending time with people. I am excited about sharing some amazing sites, cultures, people, food and fun with you on our own journey.

Travel Hosts - Robin Finney

Robin Finney

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting several tours for World Journeys over the years, including journeys to the Mediterranean, East and Southern Africa, South America, Cuba and Japan. After a career in languages and education, I have been involved in a successful education exchange programme in both hemispheres. When I’m not travelling, I like to divide my time between the south of France and Central Otago.

Your Fellow Travellers

One of the best things about travel is meeting and sharing incredible experiences with other like-minded people. To ensure a more personal experience we limit group numbers to no more than 18 people. We’ve seen lasting friendships develop on tour, with new friends choosing to travel together again in subsequent years.

World Journeys Special Experiences

For every itinerary, we have included some special experiences that we’ve personally designed to immerse you in the local culture whether it be dining with a local family, an exclusive sightseeing tour or a cooking class. They are all designed to create lasting memories.

Free time to explore

Our itineraries are full of ‘bucket list’ sights and activities but we have ensured there is still some time at leisure for you to explore on your own, simply relax in your hotel or dine in restaurants of your choice.

How we get around

Our journeys will often take you to exotic locations, or somewhat off the beaten track. We have carefully selected vehicles suited to each environment, allowing the highest standard of comfort, whether on luxury ocean liners or charming river cruisers, in air-conditioned coaches, or even the occasional helicopter or seaplane.

Plenty of inclusions

We include all accommodation with private facilities (except on some rail journeys and in very remote areas where only shared facilities are available). We include most meals, which are often at our favourite restaurants. Sightseeing with local English speaking guides is included while touring, as are entrance fees. However, cruise shore excursions and occasional optional activities are not included, as we feel it is a personal decision as to what, and how much, you wish to do.

First class accommodation with local flavour

Where possible, we use smaller boutique hotels with a minimum of 4 stars in the best locations. Our cruises usually offer three choices of cabin – Inside (no window), Outside (window or porthole), and Balcony (doors opening on to a private balcony).

Your documents

To make sure you always know what you’re doing and where you’re going on your journey, you will be sent beautifully prepared travel documents. These documents detail your day-by-day itinerary and include everything you need to have a hassle free journey. You will receive these in a travel wallet along with a World Journeys luggage tag. World Journeys travel documents are a wonderful memento of your journey.

Ask us about flights from your home town

International flights are not included in these journeys but we are able to offer competitive flight quotes, just ask your friendly travel designer or travel professional.

Journeys are shown in date order.

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Grand Tour of South America, Sept 2022
Price from$29,295 SELECT

South America 32 Days 4 September 2022
Small group hosted journey

Amazonian rainforest, Incan ruins, colonial towns, white sandy beaches, and unique wildlife - the wonders of South America make for an incredible experience! Take...

Cherry Blossom Japan, April 2020

Cherry Blossom Japan

Price from$14,420 SELECT

Asia 16 Days 26 March 2023
March 2023

Each spring, Japan's landscape is host to fragile pink and white sakura blooming; stunning colour that is celebrated throughout the entire country. Start this...

Castro's Cuba

Castro's Cuba

Price from$8,495 SELECT

Central America 15 Days 29 April 2023
Small group hosted journey

Trapped in a time warp as a result of the Cuban revolution in 1959 and subsequent economic embargo, there is nowhere else like Cuba.