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Seventh Heaven

There are only a few rules when you’re on safari 1. Don’t get out of the safari vehicle, 2. Don’t walk around the camp unattended at night, 3. Relax as much as humanly possible, and 4. Calories don’t count when you’re on holiday, so indulge at every opportunity (and boy, are there plenty of those). […]

The Hotspots of Iceland

Iceland is all about fiery volcanoes, bubbling hot springs and dramatic geysers  – probably not what you’d expect from a country on the edge of the Arctic Circle.  Hot spots are actually a recurring theme running through this country of the most unusual and untouched nature imaginable.  Not surprisingly, Iceland is one of the trending […]

Best of the Med’

Buried Roman cities, teetering coastal villages, Venetian palaces, awe-inspiring art and sun-kissed beaches – the Mediterranean has a special magic that always leaves you wanting more! Naturally a cruise is the best way to experience it all. With iconic port cities lining the coast, you can pull in at a unique spot each day, and […]

Wild about Canada

I am a regular visitor to Canada, and I rate the wildlife as exciting as anything you might encounter on safari in Africa.  Whales, deer and wolves aside, you can’t ignore the impressive stature and variety of Canada’s bears.  As they hibernate in winter, summer is obviously the time to go! Aloof and charismatic, fiercely […]

Myanmar Uncovered

Rudyard Kipling’s oft quoted line that Myanmar is quite unlike any other land you know about, is as accurate today as when it was written. Myanmar has its own vibe, and is coming into its own after years of being largely off limits to tourists. Recently moving towards democracy, and with their beloved Aung San […]

The 3 Best Ways to Experience the Amazon

The Amazon is one of the most unique and precious places on earth, but deciding where and how to best experience it on what is usually a once-in-a-lifetime trip, is a challenge. The Amazon River is 6,400 km long, with tributaries coming from eight countries.  Home to immensely diverse flora and fauna, this veritable Garden […]

Top 5 Reasons to Holiday in Vietnam

With a tumultuous history and a promising future, Vietnam is bursting with energy, and a great place to visit. Why? The food, the beaches, the history, the culture and welcoming locals are plenty to go on, but now you can also fly there direct from New Zealand. The real question is “Why not?” EDIBLE VIETNAM […]

How to make a Mazurek Easter Pie

The mazurek cake  is said to be a variation on a Turkish recipe, and has been a firm element of Polish Easter tradition since the 17th century. ‘Mazurek’ is also the name of a traditional dance, and Mazury (Mazuria in English) is a region in the North-East of Poland, green with forests and blue with […]

On the Right Track

There’s something refreshingly traditional about travelling by train, and often the rail journey can be a destination in itself! What’s not to love about train travel – dining cars with full-service meals, uniformed wait staff, fascinating off-train excursions and more! To get you on the right track, we’ve gathered together our top 6 “Great Trains” […]

Rejuvenate for the New Year!

Feeling refreshed from your summer holidays and eager to take on the New Year? Or anything but? It’s around this time that a lot of people get in touch with us, wanting the truly relaxing getaway that a frantic Christmas followed by a rainy week at the beach just didn’t provide. Travel can rejuvenate the soul […]