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Top 10 Memorable Moments

Giraffe Manor – Ange Pirie Giraffe Manor is my favourite place to stay in Nairobi, but its beautiful ‘manor’ houses, Spa and lovely boutique are not why I’m there. It’s all about the giraffes!  As the sun rises they lope on up to the house and guests ‘in the know’ start their day feeding the giraffes through […]

Driving with Aoife

As a Kiwi visiting Ireland a couple of weeks after an historic All Black defeat, I was prepared for a bit of ribbing. That happened. A lot.  I was also prepared for generous, gregarious, funny locals, plenty to talk about and too much to drink. That happened a lot as well. However, arriving at the […]

In Good Company

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles”, said renowned travel writer Tim Cahill, and we couldn’t agree more. You could say the best thing to pack for your journey is a friend! Someone to share the excitement of arriving in a new country, to savour a delicious meal with, or to help […]

In search of crowds, traffic and the real Mediterranean

Travelling at the end of the Italian Holidays I thought might be a challenge for our ‘Best of the Med’ group, but it’s all been far too easy. I am fast losing all credibility as a World Journeys host as the people and the places are not living up to their expectations! To add to […]

Exploring the Andes

World Journeys Director Chris Lyons is currently hosting a small group of Kiwis on a Grand Tour of South America, and reports back on their experience on the Andean Explorer between Cuzco and Lake Titicaca in Peru. Ten hours sounds like a long time on a train, but in when it’s the very comfortable Andean […]

Grand Tour of South America

After arriving in Cuzco, to allow easy adjustment to altitude, the World Journeys group went straight to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a drive of about 90 minutes and some 800 metres lower than Cuzco. On the way we stopped at the little farm at Awankancha, where visitors can learn about the llama, alpaca […]