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Calgary Stampede

Unleash your inner cowboy and buckle up!  I recently joined the more than 1 million visitors at the self-proclaimed ‘greatest outdoor show on earth’. The Calgary Stampede is two mad weeks of the world’s largest rodeos, parades, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions, chuck wagon racing and First Nations exhibitions.  It’s Fieldays on steroids! The atmosphere is fantastic, fuelled each morning by pancakes […]

Silversea’s World Cruise

116 days, 62 ports and 25 countries.  Silversea’s World Cruise is a voyage like no other, encircling the globe in the supreme comfort of a luxurious and intimate small ship. On January 6, 2017, Silver Whisper will set sail on this epic voyage from San Francisco, across the Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge, a gleaming […]

The Great Migration is on!

Millions of wildebeest can now be seen flooding the plains in East Africa as these great animals move in search of greener pastures. The Great Migration is a nine-month cycle of movement where wildebeest accompanied by zebras, gazelles and impalas are on the move, crossing rivers with hungry crocodiles lurking in the waters. It is […]

Good news for Gorillas

When you think of Rwanda, images of its dark past are evoked but as the country looks to its future, the country is making a miraculous transformation. Home to Gorillas, volcanoes, mountains and jungle – it’s one worth considering. Especially to see the Gorillas – what’s not to love about these powerful and striking, yet […]